“My favorite source for fabric, ideas and support”

I just love this shop! Fabrics are chosen selectively with a great eye! The owner, Jane, has become my primary resource for all things quilty. She has supported basic skills as well as freeing me up to think out of the box more bravely than I would have without her. I’m so happy she opened her shop, it has reframed my outlook on quilting! ~ Maybeth W.

I have been shopping at The Bolt for several months now and could not be more pleased with the level of customer service, quality of fabric and knowledge of the owner. She could not be nicer and friendlier and happy to share her expertise.
Having a local source for beautiful fabrics is a rare commodity these days. I have been sewing and quilting for two decades and I appreciate a great eye for fabric selection and quality. The store has it all and I am happy to spread the word! ~ Lisa M.

I popped in today and was delighted by the selection of fabrics carried. The colors and prints were so cheery. I would have loved to have taken them all home with me. The lovely lady working was so kind to me as well.I highly recommend this shop for anyone looking for beautiful fabrics and inspiration. ~ Pam P.

Love the store! Fabrics aren’t the run of the mill (no pun intended!) ones you can find at JoAnn’s. After 40+ years of sewing, I am inspired to learn to quilt too!! Jane is lovely and knowledgeable. The Bolt is a gem!! ~ Jill C.

The Bolt Quilt Shop has just had its first anniversary. It was voted best new small business in Monroe! The shop is filled with the best selection of fabrics I have seen anywhere. The owner, Jane is delightful, knowledgeable and extraordinarily friendly and kind. The prices are fair for the quality of the fabrics being sold- both design and hand are extraordinary.
The shop is not large and yet there are so many exquisite fabrics to choose from as well as notions and basics. There is a reduced price assortment as well. I have compared prices with other similar shops and I feel that when you shop the Bolt, you are getting so much more for your money. The prices are very fair for the latest and the best in quilting, and you can ask questions and get educated responses as well as personal encouragement. I suggest you go there TODAY if you are looking for a delightful and rewarding shopping experience. ~ Rona

Friendliest little fabric shop I have EVER been too. I cannot wait until I get my sewwing machine up and running so I can support the local business. I’m also looking forward to my daughter taking classes there when she’s old enough. ~ Jamie L.

I was in there today and was SO pleased! Awesome fabric selection, experienced, knowledgable service, and Juki machines! What more could one want? ~ Jessica

This quilt shop has a convenient location, in a shopping strip on a main street in Monroe.  Parking is convenient, typically there is a space right in front, for people who have trouble with steps, there is only 1 step up over the curb.  The fabric selection is fantastic, there are many beautiful, good quality bolts to choose from.  One of the things I liked about this shop is that, while they do have traditional quilting items, they also have different, creative and contemporary choices available too!  I have been to this shop over 4 times since April and attended their grand opening event as well.  I have always been greeted warmly and had all my questions answered thoroughly.  This shop also offers a variety of classes which are held in the lower level of the shop.  Although I have not had time to sign up for one yet, I plan to do so  in the fall.  The lower level of the shop has a wonderful library of the owner’s quilt books which you can sit and flip through for ideas or inspiration.  I am very excited that this lovely local quilt shop has opened in Monroe and wish them the best of luck! ~ Lisa L.

On 221 Featherweight Class:

Hi Jane, Thank you for one of the best, informative classes I have ever attended! I have been sewing for 50+ years now and teaching various levels of sewing techniques for 40. Your knowledge and presentation were outstanding. I am looking forward to future classes so please keep me on your e-mail list.  I have told several featherweight friends  about your class and they, too, are planning to attend. Have a wonderful holiday season,  ~ Lynne K.